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Telephone Answering for Business

  • Do you ever miss calls?
  • When you ring a company and there's no reply do you ring someone else?
  • Is it important for your business that calls are answered personally?

If your answer is 'yes' to any of the above questions, telephone answering/call handling is for you.

  • Messages are forwarded in real-time, totally free of charge by text or email
  • There is no 'rounding up' on durations
  • Prices are calculated on a price-per-second basis


How do you get started?

  • Make sure you have your call divert in place
  • Leadline should be able to set you up within days of receiving the completed paperwork
  • You will be given your own dedicated number to divert your calls through to
  • Give Leadline a list of your instructions for the team

Leadline's inbound call centre handles calls on behalf of small businesses and one-man bands as well as managing virtual reception services for larger companies, we can also act as a fully integrated inbound call centre for mail order companies, managing inbound calls, customer service queries and sales order processing by phone and vouchers, electronic or web-based processing.    

Are you a mail-order business?  Do you need sales order processing?

Need an 0800/0844/0845 for your campaign?

Disaster Recovery - can Leadline help if my phone lines go down? 

Call divert - how can I set up call divert and what are the options?

Call forwarding - I want my calls transferred somewhere else