Sales & Order Processing

Does my organisation require this service?

If you fear that your organisation is missing sales in the evening, across the weekend or even throughout the working day, it may be worth reviewing your contact centre strategy.

Leadline provide a free 'Requirement Assessment' service prior to developing a solution recommendation.  This allows each aspect of the requirement to be broken down and reviewed individually and ensures the accuracy of the final written quotation.

Why should my organisation partner with Leadline?

  • Requirement specific solutions
  • Ongoing solution development
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • On and Off-site agent training
  • Standard practice upselling  
  • Full management reporting

Leadline are able to process orders / sales utlising internal and externally systems whether they are web or server based in-line with PCI-DSS compliance.

Call management and routing is handled by a Cisco telephony system and all call outcomes / actions are recorded via Leadline's in-house system (Jigsaw). 

To ensure a high level of address accuracy is maintained, postcode look-up software will be utilised and automatically cross-referenced with Royal Mail data.

This is a fast, accurate and responsive way to manage your sales order processing.

To arrange your free 'Requirement Assessment' please contact the development team on 0844 669 6000 or email your enquiry to