Data cleansing

Leadline carry out telephone based B2B data cleansing in these areas:

Data cleansing - straightforward updates checking existing records, updating contact details, data cleansing usually carried out on older databases (more than a year since data cleansing was carried out)

Data validation - update of your database based on the existing records - these databases are usually fairly up to date

Database enhancement - update of your existing database and extra details are added that you need, eg direct telephone numbers, email addresses, renewal dates etc

Database construction - if you have a list from a trade show or a list of names and addresses, the Leadline can enter the details into an Excel spreadsheet for you

Data formatting - sometimes a database is in a bit of a state and needs formatting.  The database can be formatted into Excel or Access.

Summary of services with prices  

A standard part of any data cleansing project is to remove duplicates, and postcode software is utilised to ensure address accuracy to Royal Mail standards

Most data cleansing work is UK based.  Leadline can undertake some international data cleansing, but check with them first. 

Why bother to cleanse data? 

Protect yourself and your data