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Telephone Answering for Franchises

When any new Franchise is set up, one of the most important parts of the new business is to make sure that the phone is answered, as this is the first source of enquiry and revenue. It’s also where the first impression is made about your franchise.

But when you’re working as hard as you can on your Franchise to generate new business, do you have the time and/or the resource to portray a professional image when the phone is ringing?

Leadline Services can provide a centralised front of house for all of your Franchise needs – simply divert the phone in one of three ways and let us handle your calls when you are unable to. We’ve been picking up the phone for our clients for the last 14 years, and with client retention averaging 7 years, it’s easy to see why our clients trust us to be the first point of contact for their businesses.

When our offices are open 7 days a week and all calls are answered in our offices based within the UK, it’s easy to see how we can help your business maintain that professional front of house even if you are still on the road travelling to or home from your meetings or catching up on paperwork at a weekend!

Our charging structure is very simple. A setup fee, a monthly management charge and then call charges that are calculated by the second – we don’t round up minutes for your bill at the end of the month.

So if you are looking to offer peace of mind telephone cover to your franchisees or are a franchise looking for a service like this then please call us on 01666 511470, and understand why our ethos is “It’s your call.”