Case Study One

We were approached by a company who were looking to re-establish themselves within a market sector they had not been involved with for some time. The aim of the outbound call campaign was to contact previous suppliers and engage with them in their new partner programme. We made 5000 outbound calls and were able to triple the number of official partners creating a new revenue stream. Working closely with the company we trained our team of staff to understand the complexities of the products and services and therefore be as effective as possible when making the calls.

As well as gaining valuable leads as a part of the process we were also able to clean the data as a direct result of the phone calls. Using Excel, we analysed the calls to determine how successful the calls were in each industry sub-sector thereby enabling the company to determine where to focus their future marketing efforts.

Case Study Two

A company with a niche, high end Fairtrade product within the food supply industry engaged us to answer incoming calls. With strong values of ethical trading and a transparent supply chain the company value our ability to understand their product and the enquiries from their customers.

From dealing with order and servicing enquiries to simple message taking we are the “voice” of the company and continue to provide a seamless link between client and company.

Case Study Three

The providers of a home security solution use us to provide the first line technical support for the setup of a product which requires some “hand holding” when being installed. Selling a successful product via various online retailers the client has a sizeable and growing customer base.

Our staff act as the first line interface for callers providing clear, non-technical and jargon free technical advice and support. Liaising with the clients technical team we try and resolve as many enquiries as possible on a first call basis.

Case Study Four

We work with several Estate Agents who use our services to “fill the gaps” when they are unable to take calls themselves. This could be when they are out on viewings so they are free to concentrate on the client without the interruption of a ringing mobile or to cover holiday periods. We are able to provide a responsive service to cover short notice periods on an “as and when required” basis. For a small business this can be an invaluable resource and can ensure no calls ever go unanswered.