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    Let us answer and handle your inbound calls.
    From Sales Orders to New Enquiries.

    New to conduct a new campaign or refresh an older one.
    Let us work with you to promote success.
    You want to undertake a campaign but your data is stale.
    We can refresh and augment with new information.
    We can complement your offering, and ensure consistency
    and smooth communication.
    All Businesses need to listen to their customers.
    We can ask the right questions, giving you time to ensure everyone is happy.


It is not Leadline's policy to reveal their customer details, but here is a snapshot of what the clients say:

"We have been very pleased that you have been able to do this data update and with the quality of the responses.  Many thanks once again - this has been an exercise which was well worthwhile!"

"If only we had found Leadline earlier.  We tried 3 call centres before Leadline and none of them were in the same league when it came to just about everything - customer service, transparency, accuracy.  Leadline work to our objectives and regularly exceed our expectations, in our opinion they are the best outsourced call centre in the UK..."

"As an online retailer, I am indebted to Leadline for the way in which they handle all of our sales orders and customer service calls.  In the 6 years of dealing with them, we have not have one complaint, and in many instances customers have proceeded to place orders with us, when if it hadn't been for the excellent team at Leadline, those customers could have gone elsewhere...."

"We rely on Leadline to handle all of our mail, process our vouchers and coupons, and take our telephone orders which they process online.  We carry out a lot of mailshots and because Leadline utilise postcode software when they process our orders, our level of returns via Royal Mail has dramatically reduced.  Well done Leadline for all that you do, we couldn't operate without you...."

"We are a mail order company and online retailer selling a small range of specialist technical equipment.  We hesitated for a long time before outsourcing our sales orderline as we thought nobody could sell our products as well as we can - we were wrong, and in fact, Leadline have proved that they sell our products better then we can.  We leave all the sales to Leadline and we can concentrate on marketing and fulfiling the products......."

"Leadline look after our database managing two campaigns a year, just before our big marketing pushes.  Without their attention to detail, our mail could be going to the wrong contacts in organisations that we are trying to prospect.  Leadline just 'get it' when it comes to doing things our way....."

"Customer feedback is crucial to us.  We have worked with Leadline for seven years, month in month out.  During that time we have made regular visits to their premises in Worcester and have always been met with a friendly and positive team, brimming with ideas and keen to deliver consistently good results, we are delighted that this partnership continues to be such a success for us both....."

For further details please contact us by telephone on 01666 511470 or by email to