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    Let us answer and handle your inbound calls.
    From Sales Orders to New Enquiries.

    New to conduct a new campaign or refresh an older one.
    Let us work with you to promote success.
    You want to undertake a campaign but your data is stale.
    We can refresh and augment with new information.
    We can complement your offering, and ensure consistency
    and smooth communication.
    All Businesses need to listen to their customers.
    We can ask the right questions, giving you time to ensure everyone is happy.

Telephone Numbers

At Leadline you can access any type of number you wish.  Leadline mainly supply UK based geographic numbers and non-geographic numbers (NGNs), but also special numbers if you need to give your marketing campaign extra zing.

Geographic numbers

Any type of geographic number can be supplied.  There is a charge of £5.00 per month subject to a minimum 12 month contract.  This £60.00 fee is payable up front.

Non-geographic numbers

There is no cost to source a standard non-geographic number

These are the types of number available, and the prices that apply when you take a number as part of a Leadline campaign:

0800 freephone - free to callers, you pay 5p per minute. 

0844 national call rate - callers pay 5p per minute irrespective of where the caller is based in the UK. There is no charge to you.

0845 local call rate - callers pay a local call rate irrespective of where the caller is based in the UK. You would be charged 3p per minute.

If you want to rent a standard non-geographic number and don't want a Leadline campaign, then charges are based on £25.00 set up fee and £5.00 per month in additional to the price per minute charges listed above.

Special numbers

These can range in price and you should engage with us to get the best pricing.


If you have an existing non-geographic number and you want to keep the number, then you may be able to port that number to Leadline.  Whilst Leadline have porting agreements in place with most providers, you will need to check first with your existing provider to see what's involved (and if there are any costs) and how long it's likely to take.

Be warned it is often not a quick process, and can take 2-3 months.  If you have a marketing campaign you will not be able to wait that long.  The best solution (if it's going to be difficult) is to Leadline to provide you with a geographic number and instruct your NGN provider to route calls through to the Leadline geographic number.  No call forwarding charges should apply.

If you want to find out any more about porting, call Leadline, we'll be happy to give you any advice.