Top 5 Telemarketing tips


If you’re looking at telemarketing without a clear goal, then the whole activity is in danger of being diluted before you even start. What do you hope to achieve from the exercise? Having a clear indication of what your goals are will give you the ability to create a benchmark to measure the project against.


Without this, then there is no telemarketing! A database built up over the course of your business is the best place to start, but if you do not have this then there are data suppliers in the market – but be sure to pin your profile of prospective customers down, or you will be wasting time and money talking to the wrong people.


The big question in today’s market – should you take the cheapest price if you outsource? Not if you want your telemarketing to have the best chance of success. You should take into consideration the company’s experience and the processes that they use, as well as their ability to be flexible.


Do you want to sound like the double glazing sales team moving their finger across the script and reading at 10 words a minute? Or do you want your calls to sound natural and flow without giving the prospect the feeling that they have been “cold called”? A good outsourcing company will work with you to produce a “script” that does the latter while still keeping your message accurate and timely.


Do you have the staff and experience to dedicate to telemarketing, or should you let a company like Leadline become a strategic partner, utilising our experience of over 14 years of making outbound calls, taking each of the above points into account at the start of the process.

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