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Short term trial

Leadline can undertake a B2B telemarketing trial, and so based on the results you can decide how to scale up your telemarketing activity.  The trial will be carried out over the course of a week, between 25 and 30 hours and will be allocated to a dedicated telemarketer who is skilled to do the job.

What's the process?

  • Database - you can supply the data or Leadline can put you in touch with a list broker.  For the telemarketing trial, Leadline need between 350 and 400 records
  • Script - Leadline will work with you to create a script for your telemarketing trial, allowing you to benefit from their knowledge and experience to create an approach that reflects your company and keeps your objectives focussed.
  • Inputting information - information can be recorded directly onto the database, usually in Excel.  However Leadline are also able to undertake the campaign via a VPN directly into your network, sometimes this slows down the call rate so you need to be aware of that.  Online diaries can also be set up, shared and accessed.
  • Updates - you will be allocated a project manager who will update you on a daily basis and make you aware of any hot leads straight away.
  • Reports - at the end of the telemarketing trial your project manager will compile a fully detailed report giving you a breakdown of the calls showing:
  • Completes - this could be appointments made, data verified, leads generated
  • Send info - contact details of people who want to receive info in the first instance
  • Not Interested - every contact will be asked why they are not interested so that you can analyse this further
  • Please call back - although a 3 times attempt to each record is factored in the price, there will still be some people that Leadline can't reach
  • Bad data - information that is incorrect and Leadline will record what's wrong with the record

What is included?

  • Time of skilled telemarketer(s)
  • Cost of calls (within the UK)
  • 2 times attempt to each record
  • Fully detailed report

If you want to test the water before scaling up your telemarketing activity then a telemarketing trial is perfect. 

For further details please contact us by telephone on 01666 511470 or by email to