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    Let us answer and handle your inbound calls.
    From Sales Orders to New Enquiries.

    New to conduct a new campaign or refresh an older one.
    Let us work with you to promote success.
    You want to undertake a campaign but your data is stale.
    We can refresh and augment with new information.
    We can complement your offering, and ensure consistency
    and smooth communication.
    All Businesses need to listen to their customers.
    We can ask the right questions, giving you time to ensure everyone is happy.

Customer Service Call Centre

Communicating with your customers is vital to protect your brand, improve customer loyalty and increase sales.  People can often feel undervalued by the organisations they choose to spend money with, and that is why it's worth considering outsourcing your customer service activities to a customer service call centre like Leadline.

These are the main service areas:

Promoting and upselling

Customer Service Is King

The rules for answering a telephone are simple but they need to be continually reviewed and practised. Outlined below are the most basic rules, which should always be employed.

1. Use the four answering courtesies:

  • Greet the caller
  • State your organisation (or department)
  • Introduce yourself
  • Offer your help

“Good afternoon, Accounts, Claire Cooper speaking. How may I help?”

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Quantitative surveys, not qualitative surveys
  • Leadline's telemarketing team undertake telephone-based surveys
  • Survey design including a sample approach letter
  • Analysis report in Excel 

What is the best method for your survey? 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Ensuring the satisfaction of tenants with your housing associations is not only important in terms of the reputation of your set-up, but also a key part of the Government guidelines.

Ultimately a key process in ensuring that you are doing a good job is how you go about measuring that performance. The collection of the data used to record the results and measure the performance is the only real way to look deeply into the process and get an understanding of what is going well and what is going badly.

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