Response Handling

What is Response Handling?

By definition, the word 'Response' means to 'reply' or 'react' to a question or an action.  The same principle can be applied this instance.

Every time you ask a customer or prospect to perform an action (i.e. call for a brochure) you are asking them to respond. 

By fulfilling the customer's desire, which was triggered by your initial request, you are handling their response.

Does my organisation require this service? 

If your organisation has difficulty forecasting the level of response a specific campaign may generate, it may be worth recruiting a partner to assist with this.

Leadline provide a free 'Requirement Assessment' service prior to developing a solution recommendation.  This allows each aspect of the requirement to be broken down and reviewed individually ensuring that the relevant solution can be orchestrated.

What about email and postal service?

Response handling solutions come in many shapes and sizes.  Leadline are also able to provide email and postal response solutions.

Email or postal addresses would be configured to reflect your own company addresses, and all processes would be handled in-line with your organisations internal processes. 

Why should my organisation partner with Leadline?

  • Requirement specific solutions
  • Ongoing solution development
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Full management reporting
  • PCI-DSS Compliant

To arrange your free 'Requirement Assessment' please contact the development team on 0844 669 6000 or email your enquiry to