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Holiday Cover

  • Do you worry about missed calls while on holiday ?
  • Do you wonder where those new leads may have gone while you're away ?
  • Do you have to tell existing customers that you are out of the country ?
  • Is it important for your business that calls are answered professionally while you're away?
  • Do you have to answer business calls on your mobile when you should be relaxing?

Leadline can provide you with a telephone number (in your local dialling code) to divert your business number to and to be answered in your company name whilst you are away. Upon setup, we will send an email message through the system to ensure it has worked, and then answer the calls in your company name and forward that message in real time via e-mail or SMS (short message service) this service can be used for as long as you need, and is essentially a basic message taking service.

There is no fee to set up your divert number if geographically within the UK, and the calls are charged at your local rate per minute.

Our hours for answering are 8.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am to 8.00pm Saturdays and Sundays. For calls outside of these hours, there is either a general voice mail message or you can personalise your own.

For further details please contact us by telephone on 01666 511470 or by email to