Database construction and consolidation

Data Hygiene Issues ?

If your data needs putting into order, Leadline can construct a database for you in Excel, Access or any other format.  Leadline can also access your system via a VPN and data enter the information, or the details can go straight into an open source CRM like Salesforce.

Do you have any of the following?

  • Leads from Trade shows
  • Lots of business cards
  • Drawers full of scraps of paper
  • Old databases which need consolidating into one current database

Data construction takes time, and often it's a job that gets put to the bottom of the pile.

What can you expect from Leadline?

  • A well constructed database with the fields that you need in order
  • Each address will be postcode verified, so you can mail with confidence

Once the data construction is completed, you may want all the records to be contacted to verify that the details are up to date.  Leadline will then make any changes to your records and send you a final version. See data validaton for more information