Your new sales process

Over the past ten years we have developed and refined a repeatable sales process for generating business from new and existing customers using a combination of targeting, email marketing, letters, events and follow up telephone calls.

This process has been thoroughly tested and is working well for a range of businesses. As a sales method, it is suited to many businesses that need more sales and to stay close to customers. The goal of this programme is to create “perfect” enquiries for you.

The process in outline

We suggest following a simple process:

  • Target: Identify the contacts that you want to talk to
  • Know: Become known to these contacts
  • Trust: Build trust with these contacts such that they think of you when they have a requirement
  • Engage: Engage with contacts when they may have a requirement
  • contacts will buy from you once they trust you and have engaged with you


Existing customer and prospect lists provide a starting point. Supplement these with purchased lists of carefully selected contacts or build lists from other sources.

Once you have a list of contacts, validate that they still exist and obtain permission to email them by telephone.


Leadline will help you to create and send a series of emails with the aim of getting you known to the identified contacts. These emails will offer advice, relevant offers, knowledge and expertise. The aim is that contacts read the emails and engage with the content.


As contacts engage with your content, they will begin to trust you. It can take from 8 to over 20 different “touches” before they trust you. These touches can include emails, telephone calls and face to face visits.


We know when contacts are engaging with your content through email replies, email click throughs and clicks on different web pages. Once a contact’s engagement passes a defined threshold, the contact is ready for a telephone conversation. These calls will further the engagement and let you understand whether the contact currently has a requirement that you can meet.


Once a contact has a requirement and trusts you, they will be willing to buy from you. Then it’s over to you to turn the opportunity into a sale.

How we help you

Leadline are Telemarketers but we don’t believe in Telesales. Leadline is a highly experienced telephone sales team that knows how to start conversations and to engage your contacts. If you need sales but hate cold calls, pressure selling and telephone scripting as much as we probably do, we should probably talk. We believe in ‘listening to our callers. And in ‘peer to peer conversations’ with people who want to talk to us.

Sales teams often lack time to make these exploratory calls and it’s our job to do them for you, starting conversations with people who are ready to talk. Conversation reports can then be passed to you for each properly qualified sales lead.

If this sounds like something you need call us on 01666 511470 or email and we’ll show you what’s involved, what the costs are and what you can expect from us.