Referral Scheme


The Leadline Services sales lead referral program is an incentive for individuals not employed by Leadline Services to register sales leads, which we are not aware of nor are actively engaged in pursuing.


Any individuals or businesses that are not employed or affiliated Leadline Services(including friends, family members, and business associates of Leadline Services employees) are eligible for the program. Those who are ineligible are listed below:
Leadline Services employees
Employees of prospective Leadline Services clients,
Strategic consulting partners or employees of such companies who have formal business contracts in place with Leadline Services.
The incentive will be a choice of one of the following:
1. A gift voucher of your choice with a value of £20 for the completed registration form of a new client. This will be forwarded to the referrer upon receipt of first month's payment by the new client.
2. If you’re a current Leadline client you also have the choice of a 10% discount on your monthly subscription charges up to a maximum of 12 months from the start date of the referred client.
The incentive will be awarded upon the contract being signed, and upon receipt of the initial deposit and 1st monthly payment from the signed client.
Referral payments will be deferred should the signed client owe more than 1 month’s service charge at the time of payment.

Lead Definition Criteria

A qualified lead is one which meets Leadline Services criteria and that Leadline Services is not currently in a sales cycle with as of the date of the lead registration, and one which would result in a new client for Leadline Services within nine (9) months of the date of lead approval by Leadline Services.

Program Owner
Program Administrator and Award Approver :
Claire Brewerton, Managing Director
Terms & Conditions
Please review the following Terms & Conditions prior to proceeding. The lead registrant hereto acknowledges that the registered lead is of a confidential nature and that the matters contained herein are confidential and are to be retained as such by the registrant and Leadline Services.
The lead registration will contain the entire and only agreement between the registrant hereto regarding fees to be paid to the registrant and any representation, inducement, promise, condition or agreement, oral or otherwise in connection therewith not incorporated herein shall not be binding upon either party.

The registered lead and agreement thereof are not transferable.
Leadline Services reserves the right to modify or update the program at any time without prior notice

Please ensure the incoming client mentions your name at time of initial contact or that you advise us in advance of lead.