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Trade Orders

Monitor and increase your trade order sales with Leadline.

Why do people want this service?

  • Field salespeople are expensive
  • With a structured calling pattern, average sales will increase
  • Opportunities will not be missed
  • Trade orders are kept separate from other orders

What does Leadline do?

There are 4 main services:

  • Inbound trade order lines
  • Generating leads from existing customers
  • Data cleansing
  • Finding new customers

Inbound trade order lines

For some companies, it's important to keep trade orders separate.  Leadline can set up a line which diverts calls in different directions (eg, press 1 to place an order, press 2 if you are a trade customer etc).  However, in most cases, Leadline will set up a dedicated number, usually an 0844 number or a standard geographic number.  Calls that come in are answered in the company name and details of the orders are processed online or by accessing the client's order platform via a VPN.  Upselling and promotions are presented the callers at every opportunity without overdoing it!

Generating leads from existing customers

This is normally operated on a structured call basis.  Each customer (according to the calling pattern) will be contacted by phone to prompt orders and promote offers.  This is a cost-effective way to gain more business and an increase in the average sales order. If Leadline handles the inbound trade order line as well, this means that the calling pattern can be blended, so if a customer calls in to place an order, they will then not be phoned to prompt an order.

Data cleansing

If Leadline looks after the trade order database then it makes sense to update all the records.  This is of course carried out during the course of calls, but sometimes clients want the whole database updated in one go.  With this service you can be certain that all the records are up to date and with postcode software in position, each address will be accurate to Royal Mail standards.

Finding new customers

Leadline can source a database for you built around your customer profile.  These prospects can then be called or sent an email or mailshot introducing your products/services.  In some cases, samples can be sent, if the prospects qualify, and then follow-up calls are made to promote introductory offers.

For further details please contact us by telephone at 01666 511470 or by email at