Inbound Call Handling Case Study

Two typical inbound call clients

Inbound Call Handling - technical questions and order taking

Client A is the UKs leading provider in digital measurement devices for Alcohol and Drug testing equipment. We provide the business with a call handling solution where we are able to give technical advice to callers and also transact orders online for the business.

Client A says of Leadline ..

"We are a mail order company and online retailer selling a small range of specialist technical equipment. We hesitated for a long time before outsourcing our sales order line as we thought nobody could sell our products as well as we can - we were wrong, and in fact, Leadline have proved that they sell our products better then we can. We leave all the sales to Leadline and we can concentrate on marketing and fulfilling the products......."

Inbound Call Handling - national newspaper advertising and order taking

Client B is a business that advertises heavily in magazines and newspapers. We handle their coupons and inbound sales calls and turn the enquiries and sales into a digital format so that their fulfilment warehouse can dispatch orders quickly and effectively.

Client B says of Leadline …

"We rely on Leadline to handle all of our mail, process our vouchers and coupons, and take our telephone orders which they process online. We carry out a lot of mail shots and because Leadline utilise postcode software when they process our orders, our level of returns via Royal Mail has dramatically reduced. Well done Leadline for all that you do, we couldn't operate without you...."